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Latest reviews in Dessert Shops

You do not have to twist my arm to recommend this bakery, as I often visited it to bring home scrumptious croissants, gingerbread, and more from this…
M K, January 16, 2023
I stopped in the Fort Sask location to purchase the Chocolate Candy Cane Crumble the week before Christmas. It was not available, but my name and…
Georgina, December 29, 2021
Apple Crumble Tart – I learned that I should always bring at least two of these wherever I go. Everyone loves them and they never last. They taste…
JackTimmins, February 20, 2014
Unique and delicious cakes and pastries. This is not just another bakery.
Slava, February 16, 2014
How this cake got its name I do not know. It’s made chocolate hazelnut mousse, chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate mousse, meringue and more mousse. It…
LavetaHayek, February 13, 2014

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