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V5C 2Z2 Burnaby
British Columbia

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Sarah 27.07.2022
Worst experience dealing with an unprofessional receptionist. I’m pregnant and was brought to tears over the way the receptionist spoke to me when I was just trying to make an appointment. Made a complaint never got a response . Had to get someone to go into the clinic to make an appointment for me as I was hung up on 3 times or left on hold for half an hr or longer only to be talked down to or talked over when trying to voice my concern for calling. Was Booked with the wrong doctor by the same receptionist when my partner called to cancel because I was told to avoid stressful situations or situations that caused me anxiety during my pregnancy. She apologized for her behaviour so I took it at face value. But it got worse after she read my email complaining about her, her behaviour was even more aggressive and she even lied and said I used profanity towards her. I asked for proof of that conversation as I had someone on the call to witness the way I was being spoken to & hung up on because it’s a pattern when calling in. They had no proof, just her word. My doctor even said she’s never witnessed or seen me be rude or use profanity. Her personal receptionist also said I was never rude and was polite. So how can that be when she hangs up abruptly talks over you and doesn’t let you speak? Instead of dealing with the issue, her, the office manager takes her lies as facts even though there’s no proof of these conversations because they don’t record them , hmmm suspicious much. I think they need to start recording them seeing as there’s many recent 1 star reviews on her. I was told by my doctor that the office manager has taken her side without speaking to me and because be believed her lies before even speaking with me about it he decided I was in the wrong? Excuse me? So everyone leaving the same review must be making it up… righhht. Save yourself the time, grief and stress and find a different clinic.

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