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K2E 1B2 Ottawa


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Tanyssa Moise 15.08.2022

I Bought brand new 2021 GLB in June 3, 2021 and this is my timeline of HORRIBLE EVENTS!!! READ IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS AWFULLLLL LOCATION. Everytime something goes wrong on my vehicle, which is every month or so, I gotta wait at LEAST two months to get my car in!! They don’t give a rats a$$ either, so you’re SOL with your new $85,000 POS!! Enjoy

Timeline of defects:

June 10, 2021: notice strange scratch marks on windows evenly spaced apart.

July 2, 2021: rearview camera quits working. Dealership orders missing part.

July 5, 2021: camera arrives at dealership. Am advised I have to wait until AUGUST 5 to have it fixed or September to get a rental, which I need as I live 2 hours out of town.

Sep 3-17, 2021: CAR IS IN SHOP THIS ENTIRE PERIOD - OVER TWO WEEKS- driving a less than comparable rental(they gave me a sedan, so I was unable to work since I need an SUV for my job). No compensation no apologies. Windows seals and backup camera are finally fixed after months on sept 17.

December 13, 2021: my AWD stops working, fix was quick but still annoying to be back at the dealership YET AGAIN

April 2022: AC BREAKS DOWN while I’m in Florida. Great timing.

May 13, 2022: sway bar link broke on me 2000 KM away from home. Nearest dealership can’t service me for weeks. Dealership back home can’t service me for months.

August 12, 2022: brings car in for service B @ 40,000 KM. Leaves with a check engine light on I immediately went back when I noticed the light on (10 mins later) was Told an Injector needed replacing…. They’ll call me when it’s in.
So I’m assuming it won’t be until OCT when they finally get the part and can get me in for an appointment

Alllll of this in the first year of owning my
flashy expensive “Mercedes Benz” sheeeesh…. I’ve owned 10 year old used vehicles that have had less issues than my brand new lemon.

Thanks for reading
bifto gelashet 31.07.2022
Very good
My experience with Star Motors was fantastic right from the first visit to going home in my pre-owned, GL- 350 blue Tec Turbo diesel Mercedes. Everyone from the reception to financial services were very warm. My Sales Rep (Jean P) was exceptional. His honesty and dip knowledge in car industry was above and beyond to ensure that I was well aware of the matter and very much satisfied with my investment. He was very responsive and very friendly and courteous. I recommend JP anytime you visit Stars Motors - you are guaranteed an awesome experience.
James Webb 29.03.2022
On November 18 ,2021, I brought my car to Star Motors to have the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) checked, since a warning light indicating low tire pressure was coming on even after all tire pressures were verified as correct. After almost a week in the shop, I was told that more time would be required to diagnose the fault.

On Jan 11 of this year I returned the vehicle for further work to find and fix the problem with the TPMS. After several days without hearing from the shop, I began by texting the shop but did not receive a reply. I phoned the number given, but an automated message said this was not a valid number. After numerous phone calls to the front reception I managed to speak with the service advisor who indicated that extensive diagnostics were done, but no fault could be found. They contacted Mercedes Benz and were told that a module in the instrument cluster needed to be replaced at a cost of $3000.00 excluding labour.

A few days later my insurance adjuster contacted me to see if I might be able to get a quote for repair, since they were not having much luck in contacting the service adviser.
I subsequently phoned every day for a week to contact him or someone in service to address my issue. I did manage to speak twice to two different advisers who agreed to pass on my request. Finally after a week of constant phoning I did get an email with an attached quote for the part.

The insurance adjuster was sceptical about the repair and on his advice I contacted Adaroc Automotive on Slack Road with my problem. The mechanic immediately suspected what the problem was and it was corrected the same day for a couple of hours labour and one relatively inexpensive sensor part on the axle.

I was astounded that Star Motors did not have the expertise to repair their own vehicle. If I had been unfortunate enough to return the vehicle once again for the module replacement, more than $3000.00 would have been spent without having the problem resolved.

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