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Latest reviews in Seafood Restaurants

Great food and excellent, friendly service. Fish and chips, prawns and burgers are excellent.
Owners and staff are so nice. Don’t…
Lynda Skoda, April 08, 2023
Good place for family dinners and the ambience is eye candy. Love their soup and more. It's going to be a target once in awhile to give us a…
M K, January 16, 2023
I drive out of my way to come to Minor Fisheries Ltd. because the food is consistently fresh and delicious, all while being fairly priced. You can…
Tax Linbi Paxsan, January 07, 2016
Minor Fisheries LTD has the best fish around. They always serve everything fresh and it is noticeable when eating there. You won't find a better…
Risgab Varlo Acynsexhim, November 02, 2015
Excellent food and service. Was there with friends for dinner. Duck festival a delight. Then the next day again for lunch, the baguette with…
Ger Vexhu Ober, March 15, 2015

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