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Latest reviews in Wigs & Hairpieces

Très bon service, rapide et excellent. Livraison rapide en ligne. Ginette Bouchard
Ginette J. Bouchard, February 07, 2021
Good service knowledgeable staff.
Acyn Scarcyl Ardoxhux, February 06, 2017
like a user a couple comments below, i have trichotillomania too. i have been to a salon or anything like that for over 10 yrs because the last time…
Tricky T, May 06, 2016
I thank my lucky stars that I took my time to research Vancouver and find this place. I've been wearing hair extensions for 11 years (mostly…
Vin Divin Mabex, January 17, 2015
I absolutely LOVED my experience at Pacific Hair. They greeted me with green tea, and ran me through the entire extension process so that I fully…
Lui Ramax Uxherom, October 24, 2014